Day 38/91

Physical activity: walk + yoga day 2 Food diary lemon waterjuiceoatsgrapespb oat chocolate chip no-bake ballkale chole3 bags of chips + mango juice Mental health wise: not the best. I decided to take a break from all social media for a while... will just focus on my blog for the next little bit.

Day 37/91

This is a reflection of yesterday. Physical activity: 3 week yoga retreat week 2, day 1Clean week Day 1 Food DiaryLemon waterFresh juiceOatsKale Chole (black chickpeas)No dinner as I was not hungry It was a very low-energy day... I don't know why but I think it's because I haven't been taking my iron supplement since … Continue reading Day 37/91

Day 36/91

Today was a pretty relaxing Sunday. I got a lot of my house cleaned and organized and got a lot of time to relax and sleep in. I started the day off enjoying time in our steam room. My new house has a steam room and sauna which is pretty awesome! I researched a whole … Continue reading Day 36/91

Day 33/91

So today was my official first day in my new home. We got in very late yesterday and were completely exhausted by the time we finished with moving all of our stuff. I had to sleep in today to recover and still feel as though it was not enough sleep. Regardless, I took it easy … Continue reading Day 33/91