I have it in me to be my own life coach

Getting my new blog ready (mostly design, theme and categories/menu’s related organization) for new posts has not happened yet. I really want to make it happen before my birthday as this was something I promised to myself a long time ago. I have several inspirational/healthy eating related content that I am subscribed to for which I receive regular emails. I just received an email from Tony Robbins which has brought me here right now. The content of the email:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” 

This is the #1 end-of-life regret hospice worker and author Bronnie Ware revealed in her viral blog post and bestselling book. 

And this is all I had to read to know in my heart that at this moment right now, I am not living a life true to myself. I’ve had my days/phases in life where I probably was doing better than I am now. Recently, I have felt very disconnected from who I am and the life I am supposed to be living.

The email was promoting signing up to work with a Tony Robbins Results Coach to assist in finally finding the courage to live a life that you want.

More content from the email:


When you’re too busy making time for others, you miss out on time spent with family… 

Finally launching your business idea… 

And taking time off to travel to your bucket list destination. 

You might talk about doing these things – but Tony says when you talk about it, it’s a dream, and if you schedule it, it’s real. 

With coaching sessions on your schedule, you will be held accountable to perform at your peak and stop missing out on what you really want to do.

With a coach, you will: 

  • Create more time by developing an actionable success plan
  • Cut time-wasting clutter out of your life to get where you want to go faster
  • Break through limiting beliefs (“I don’t have time!”)
  • Stay motivated even during your most challenging times
  • Finally focus on what is really important to you
  • Stop spending your time doing what other people want

So are you ready to take back control of your life, Jasdeep? 


And reading this, I realized that I have it in me to be my own life coach. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. I can work on the bullet points above myself. And that’s why I am here. At this moment, I may not know exactly what a life true to myself really looks like. But being true to myself means taking out the time to figure that out. And I know from experience, that there is nothing like blogging to really connect with yourself. So here I am to make this post. And I really hope to get my new blog set up soon so I can atleast focus on this one aspect of being true to myself. I’ve known in my heart for a long time, that I have wanted to become a successful blogger. This has become a dream. It is the outlet that I feel the most comfortable on to be able to express what I have to say. Everytime I write, I realize how much I enjoy it!

Thank you for tuning in and I hope to next see you on breathelovenourish.com

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