Day 1 of a new 730 Day Challenge

Yesterday, I completed 28 years of life. Last year, upon turning 27 – I had started a 365 day challenge and I spent a lot of days reflecting on each day and trying to make new progress with each day. Eventually I stopped consistently blogging on the challenge. Today, I start a new challenge. A 730 day challenge this time. I am giving myself what I feel is enough time to be able to really make it to a place to be able to live my life on my own terms. Enough time to get organized as organization is so important to me. Organized with the thoughts in my head. Organized with my part in my husband’s businesses. Organized with my things. Organized with my house. Organized with my daily routine and schedule. Basically organized in every aspect of life that I can organize because being organized in life gives me peace of mind. Yesterday one of my family friends sent me a birthday wish that brought me to tears. “A very happy birthday wish for you. Hope you find true happiness in life with lots of Simran and Seva. May Waheguru Ji bless you with calm, peace, and happiness.” – it really got to me because that’s really everything. The tears just represent how badly I am wanting and have been searching for what he wished for me. It was nice to have another human understand me to the extent of wishing for me exactly what I’d wish for myself.

Anyways one of the first steps to making this wish true is to become organized. Without organization, I will never feel calm, peaceful or truly happy. This blog (although I did want to start a new one – it feels that this 730 Day Challenge belongs on this blog and after or during this 730 Day challenge, I can focus on launching my new blog geared towards getting an audience) will be my place to record my journey on this 730 Day Challenge.

Some initial goals of the challenge

  • to master the skill of hard-work
  • to really make time to explore the concept and practice of meditation, connecting with myself, my thoughts and my breath and connecting with God
  • completion of a sehaj paath during this challenge
  • daily yoga for the duration of this challenge
  • daily walks for the duration of this challenge
  • cooking most of my own meals including focusing primarily on a whole foods plant based diet

Those are the inital things. I will add and remove on this as the days go by.

This is what today’s schedule looked like

  • Awake 7:30 AM (couldn’t sleep until around 12:15 PM)
  • Work 12:45-6:30 PM
  • Going to bed by midnight


  • Meditation
  • Sehaj Paath
  • Yoga: Day 1 of 30 Days of Yoga with YWA
  • Walk: 12,203 steps today
  • Cooking my own WFPB meals:
    • Morning: Fresh juice,
    • Lunch: vegetable and soy vadi rice,
    • Snack: cherries
    • Snack: soy milk mango shake
    • Dinner: broccoli, asparagus, tofu & sweet potatoes

Goals for tomorrow:

  • try to wake up earlier and keep up everything I did today !

Thank you for joining me on my journey and I look forward to returning tomorrow.

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