Days 4-7/ 730

So I have not been so diligent to make an update on my days here over the past 4 days. I will update based on whatever I remember and will continue the journey 🙂

Day 4 (Fri)

The day had started out right (I did yoga, went for a walk, finished my nitnem, practiced ujjayi and alternate nostril breathing) however, I had a bad moment on this day (got terribly emotionally triggered). Lesson learned: I know what triggers me and I am going to try to be more aware in the future. There is an article I received on the same day which teaches some techniques on how to be in control. The thing that sticked out was:

When you choose the intent to learn, you also want to stay curious about WHY you’re being triggered and take responsibility for how you feel, instead of looking for someone or something to blame. You seek safety and security within yourself, by looking to your Higher Power to determine what you need to take loving care of yourself.

On the other hand, when your intent is to protect yourself from fear and pain, and therefore, avoid responsibility for your feelings, your deepest desire isn’t curiosity and healing. Your intent is to find your safety, peace, lovability, and worth through external factors, such as attention, approval, physical intimacy, substances, mindless entertainment, and activities.

You want to avoid taking responsibility for your feelings and instead believe others are responsible for how you feel, so you feel justified in lashing out and blaming, stonewalling, or withdrawing. You do this because you want to feel safe and worthy, but you think the only way to feel that is if your partner gives you the validation, attention, and approval you want in that moment.

In every moment, each one of us chooses our intent—either to attempt to feel externally safe by controlling others and our own feelings, or to create inner safety by learning about loving ourselves and others. While the choices that others make may influence you, no one but YOU controls your intent.

Not even a Higher Power can control your intent, since that would negate your free will. In each moment, you choose what is most important to you, and in each moment, you have an opportunity to change your mind.

When you choose to learn about loving yourself and others, everything can change in your relationship with yourself and with everyone in your life.

My goal over the duration of this challenge is to choose the intent to learn. To learn about loving myself and others. No controlling others and my own feelings. I want to create inner safety. No one but ME controls my intent so I have to find a way to be more in control and better manage my outbursts. I will keep a separate diary of all my triggers that come up during the course of this 730 Day Challenge.

Food: Lasagne for lunch and Pizza for dinner

Day 5 (Sat)

Good day. Worked for 4-5 hours and fulfilled the rest of my daily routine. Mom’s aloo paranthe for lunch – so delicious. And whole foods diet for the rest of the day (broccoli and sweet potatoes for dinner). Did yoga.

Day 6 (Sun)

A relaxation day spent with my husband. Mostly a good day. However, again, I got triggered. It was a continuation of whatever happened on Friday + something additional that added to it. I have to spend more time on my blog reflecting and learning and analyzing the situations and my triggers and figuring out ways to better manage. So far within this challenge, I’ve already had 2 emotional triggers which end up bringing negative energy into my life. My biggest priority at this point is to keep it as positive as I can. Learn to be more loving as mentioned in the excerpt above. The title of the email was: What To Do When You’re Emotionally Triggered so really it came to me in good timing. It is a sign that this is the journey I was meant to be on and this is one of the biggest objectives for me. Learning what to do when I am emotionally triggered.

Other than that, I had a very great day. Did yoga. Went for a bike ride with my dog (I biked while he jogged). It was fun. I kept up with my diet except for a cheat meal at dinner – chocolate crepes topped with banana, strawberries and blueberries. It was SO worth it. So far in my 730 day journey, this has been my 2nd exception to my no-processed sugar rule (1st was on my brothers birthday). As long as MOST of my diet is whole foods, plant based – I have allowed myself some dairy (2 times so far – makhan and yogurt with the paranthe and some pizza). Processed food has been eliminated from my diet. That is the diet I wish to follow for now. Whole Foods Plant Based Minimal Dairy (I might eventually eliminate this also but that will be step 2) No Processed Foods (Step 1 is to completely eliminate processed foods). So far, it’s going pretty well!

Day 7 (Mon)

I have been feeling very bloated even though I have been eating mostly clean. Have no idea what the issue is. I am planning to do a 7 day cleanse. It started on Monday.


  • 1 1/2 organic apple
  • fresh morning juice (orange carrot beet)
  • strawberries and blueberries
  • Lunch: steamed broccoli followed by cherries
  • clementines
  • Dinner: 2 besan pude (savoury chickpea flour pancakes) with spinach zucchini and tomato (this was the ingredients mentioned to reduce bloating – it was a delicious combination)
  • Late-night dinner: A&W Plant Based burger

Did yoga, went for a walk. However I did not go through the day with as much energy and productivity as I would like (I guess it was partially due to feeling so extra bloated yesterday even though I spent the entire day eating fruits and vegetables. Maybe it was the carbs from the burger I needed in my system because after eating it, I felt somewhat better than I felt before eating it. Will be back later to give an update on Day 8 but as of Tuesday morning, I feel better, way less bloated. Just sipped a glass of warm lemon water to help with the problem. Another habit I’d like to add back to my daily routine. Be back later!

Thank you for reading.

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