Relaxing Saturday

Day 103/ 365 Wake up early 6:40 AMMeditation I took many moments throughout the day today to meditate. Life is feeling so much better ever since I've started being more Gurbani nitnem and rehras sahib + kirtan throughout the dayGratitude Today, I am feeling most grateful for my family and especially my mom who's … Continue reading Relaxing Saturday

Day 46/ 365

Thursday Yesterday was day 2 of my 3 day juice fast. I made it all the way till night before I decided to break my fast. What happened is I somehow imagined I drank my 3rd juice of the day but I actually hadn't (and fell asleep) and this caused me very low energy because … Continue reading Day 46/ 365

Day 22/ 365

Today was the first day with my new mindset, new routine checklist and my new way to structure/reflect on my day. Today's routine checklist: Wake up early: 5:45 AMMeditation 20 minutes. Today's meditation wasn't as peaceful as yesterdays/day before. But I was able to focus and control my thoughts for the most part :) "I … Continue reading Day 22/ 365