Day 36/ 730

Quick snapshot Sleep: 12-8:15 AM Work: 10:45-7:30 PM Yoga: Day 6 I Am Supported Steps: 9,507 Today, I wanted to share a little interesting read that a relative of mine shared with me which really made me realize (again as deep down I know I am greatly privileged) how privileged I am. How privileged we … Continue reading Day 36/ 730

Day 35/ 730

Asleep: 12:45 AM Awake: 7:30 AM Work: 11:15-7 PM Yoga: Day 5 I Am Alive Steps: 10,336 (decided to have a dance session in my basement instead of the usual outdoor walk due to the weather being rainy. Danced to old school/classic punjabi songs which was super fun 🙂 the yoga was definitely a huge … Continue reading Day 35/ 730

Daily Steps Record since June 12, 2021 :)

Actually officially started walking minimum 10K steps/day on June 12th (Day 12 of 730 Day Challenge) DateStepsAbove 10K12-Jun10,480Yes13-Jun17,964Yes14-Jun11,645Yes15-Jun8,919Almost16-Jun11,432Yes17-Jun10,054Yes18-Jun15,368Yes19-Jun11,029Yes20-Jun14,206Yes21-Jun12,264Yes22-Jun10,507Yes23-Jun9,461Almost24-Jun10,842Yes25-Jun5,753No26-Jun6,840No27-Jun19,215Yes - highest record to date 28-Jun11367Yes29-Jun4437No30-Jun10215Yes01-Jul12993Yes02-Jul8539Almost03-Jul14318Yes04-Jul10897Yes05-Jul11239Yes06-Jul12625Yes07-Jul10665Yes08-Jul9213Almost09-Jul15423Yes10-Jul11895Yes11-Jul29017New Record!!12-Jul9443Almost13-Jul4606No14-Jul7997No15-Jul10430Yes Total steps taken Days 12-45/ 730: 391,356 Average steps taken Days 12-27/730: 11,510 (met my commitment of minimum 10K steps/day!) Exciting!! It's been 34 days now! I have been giving … Continue reading Daily Steps Record since June 12, 2021 🙂